One of the things that many of us do almost every day is texting. It’s quite an easy task. You’d never go wrong doing it unless you get a dog named Brucey involved. Then, you’d learn how things could quickly turn embarrassingly wrong.

Ashlee Bradford was texting her friend while she was hanging out in the bedroom. Suddenly, Brucey, her 12-year-old dog waltzed in. Ashlee keeps the doors open because, even if Brucey is nearly blind and deaf, he still doesn’t want to miss anything out.

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Brucey came to get some love from his mom, and he knew exactly what to do to get it. Because Ashlee couldn’t resist her pup’s charms, she placed her cellphone on her lap. Then, she leaned over to pick Brucey up.

The two of them snuggled for a bit before Ashlee got back to her phone. However, to her surprise, she saw that the text that was sent to her friend was far longer than what she originally intended.

Then, Ashlee realized that the voice-to-text feature on her phone got activated when she put it down. Because of that, her one-sided conversation with Brucey was picked up and sent to her friend. The message included a part where Ashlee called her pup sweet Bolognese.


Ashlee quickly explained to her friend why all of a sudden, her text got weird. Thankfully, being a fellow fur parent, Ashlee’s friend understood what happened and even found the situation quite entertaining.

Ashlee took a screenshot of the hilarious text message and shared it on Facebook. Almost instantly, the post got viral, and Brucey earned hundreds of new fans. He also became known for his new moniker – Sweet Bolognese.

According to Ashlee, she doesn’t call Brucey Bolognese. Probably, she was calling him sweet baby, but because she talks to him in high pitch, the phone must have autocorrected it. After this hilarious incident, Ashlee learned to keep her phone away the next time Brucey asks for some love.

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