It would seem the majority of dogs enjoy sticking their head out of the car window. It is a fantastic way to absorb a large amount of sight, sounds, and scents. For several dogs, it is incredibly exhilarating to be allowed the chance to get out and see these pieces of the outside world.

Dogs love checking out the scenery

Several dogs are indoors the majority of the time, so when the opportunity to go out and see the world arises, they become rather excited. Hopping into the car, no matter the destination, is an overload of sensory bliss for our sweet companions.

It is possible a car ride for a dog is equal in anticipation and thrills as it is to humans when attending the circus. It is stimulating to be inundated with all of the things to see, hear, and smell, whether or not you choose to ride any rides. The environment in and of itself is impressive and extraordinary.

Dogs love all those smells

Because dogs take in loads of information regarding their surroundings at a time, all of the scents they encounter during a car ride are very appealing.

We can’t even begin to imagine the amount of information our dogs absorb simply by having his head out the window. The faster the pace of your car, the more your dog can detect about what’s going on outside. It has been approximated that dogs are capable of identifying some odors in parts per trillion. As opposed to our 6 million olfactory receptors, dogs have up to 300 million!

The dangers of dogs hanging their head out of cars

Like several other pleasurable things in life, there are many possible dangers in allowing your dog to stick his head out of your car window.

You have probably had a small pebble fly up on occasion and chip your windshield; think about what the effect would be to your dog’s head if it were to be struck in a like manner. When your dog hangs his head out of the window, he is vulnerable to being hurt by any form of debris that may get kicked up from cars on the road. Your dog could develop a severe injury if any of that debris were to strike him in the eye.

Damage to the ears is another risk that comes with your dog’s head being out of a moving car’s window. There is cause for concern of possible ear infections due to any particles blown into their ears. The consistent flapping of his ears may also lead to swelling, and scar tissue might develop within the soft tissue of his ear because of the repeated trauma. He may have to deal with lifelong ear issues from any permanent damage that may arise.

Yet another risk is that of your dog being tempted to jump out of the window. You may think yours would never do this, but if he were to spot a squirrel nearby at a stoplight, would you really want to jeopardize your dog on the off chance he might? Even at slow speeds, a dog leaping from the window could cause severe injuries.

If you will be traveling at more that 25 mph, it has been suggested that you restrain your dog. If he remains free to roam the car, you run a greater risk the faster you go.


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