They said that when you love someone, and you spend too much time together, you will end up looking like each other. Maybe that’s what happened to Chalie and Sawyer. These two adorable dogs ended up looking just like each other!

Believe it or not, they are of different dog breeds. Paige Chernick got Charlie a few years ago, and when she got Sawyer, she thought nothing of it as they were of various breeds. But when Sawyer got older, she looked more and more like Charlie!

When people see these two, they usually mistake them for mother and son, not knowing that Charlie- who is the smaller one is actually older than Sawyer. It didn’t always start this way as they looked really different from each other when Sawyer was younger. The twin-look does not bother Paige though as she finds it really cute to see their dogs look similar.

Charlie, the older and smaller one does not let his height dictate his actions. He always makes sure to show Sawyer and the other dogs who’s boss. He always leads the pack and makes sure that everybody follows the rules.

Even with Charlie’s bossiness, he gets along pretty well with Sawyer. As a matter of fact, they are very close. They are always there for each other and knows that they will always have each other’s back.

You will find these two cuddling and playing together too. With the same look, their mother thought of making them dress like each other too. Social media has gone crazy over the cuteness of Charlie and Sawyer.

This shows that love exists no matter the size, no matter the look. You get to be siblings whether you look like each other or not. Family is about love, not blood.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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