A winsome pitbull named Lollipop used to hang out by a local car wash. Its employees were charmed by this lovable pooch that they took it upon themselves to care for her. They provided food and water and secured her with a leash.

A customer named Cathy Officee saw Lollipop, asking those who looked after her about her background. The men explained how Lollipop found her way to them, being either lost or neglected. Cathy, moved by the dog’s sad circumstance, agreed to take her in and try to find her original owners.

Cathy exhausted all methods in finding Lollipop’s missing owners – microchip scanning, bringing Lollipop for a drive around the neighborhood, and putting up lost dog posters both online and through animal shelters. After a week of continuous investigation, they soon realized that Lollipop indeed was abandoned, and no one has been looking for her. And so they gave up the search.

Soon, Cathy found herself falling for the sweet pooch. The dog’s gentleness and loving character endeared her to Cathy and her family. In her mind, she knew there was no doubt that Lollipop was meant to be a part of their lives.

Shortly after moving in, Cathy noticed the undeniable devotion the dog was showing Cathy’s mom. Lollipop followed her new grandma wherever she went, protectively looking after the 90-year-old lady as she moved around the house. They would often find the pitbull standing by her grandma’s feet, staying alert in case something untoward happens.

It didn’t matter what time of day, Lollipop stuck by her grandma’s side where she went. It was her way of saying thank you for accepting her into the family. Just like how she was once taken care of by caring strangers, Lollipop understood it was her chance to pay it forward by caring for those who have opened their hearts and home to her.

Photos courtesy of Cathy Officee via Facebook


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