Dogs had always been nothing but good to humans, making sure we are safe at home and giving us warm cuddles at night. That is why seeing a stray out in the streets is undoubtedly heartbreaking for dog lovers everywhere, most especially if that stray is hurt and injured.

One such pooch lives in a community in Bangkok, Thailand. The pup goes by the name Gae, as what the locals have frequently called him. He has been a homeless dog for quite a while now, and passersby in the area usually see him dragging his limp leg behind, looking all hurt and whining.

Fortunately, though, this is all just the smart dog’s act! Although Gae is already an old pooch, he still has a sharp mind and has been deceiving people ever since.

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One of the residents in the area, Thaweeporn Chongplapolkul, confirmed that this is just Gae’s scheme to trick people into giving him more food. Logically, the pooch is right, though. The more pitiful you look, the more attention you will get.

And his plan sure works every time. When someone notices him seeming to be in real pain, they would typically stop in their tracks and attend to Gae. The moment they approach him, the pooch would jump up and wag his tail to greet his new friends.

People would laugh at how realistic his acting was and eventually hand him some snacks to munch on. In fact, it was too life-like that Gae should be awarded an award for the best acting!

Thaweeporn mentioned that she already brought Gae to the vet to check his legs, and everything was functioning as normal. She would also frequently play with the pooch and feed him from time to time since the dog basically lives near her workplace. Watch his award-winning act here.

Courtesy of @notavulture


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