When someone you love is being taken away from you, it could be the most heartbreaking thing. His parents loved Ppori. He was their child and was given the best that his parents could.

One day, their beloved Ppori was gone. He was in the area where they usually leave him which was in front of the store. When his parents came out, he was nowhere to be found.

They checked the camera outside of the store, and they saw a woman casually took Ppori as if nothing happened. They were unable to track the woman further as the video was cut and there were no other cameras where the woman turned.

They had the video analyzed, and the expert told them that it seems that the woman was used to dogs as he petted and hugged Ppori before taking him. One can say that this woman was used to handling dogs. They also knew that the woman knows Ppori was not a stray as he was wearing clothes and he had a collar with his owner’s contact number.

The owners have been waiting and searching for Ppori for over a month and the leads they received lead to nowhere. Then they finally got a call that leads them to Ppori. Ppori did not recognize his mom and first and he seemed to be hurt.

He was taken to the hospital, and it showed that other dogs bit him. There was a lot of theory about what happened to them, but the family is just happy that he is back. When Ppori saw his dad, he immediately jumped into his arms, and his dad was crying for missing him so much.

Ppori was just lying for a week when he returned but is now slowly healing and finding peace.


Source Kritter Klub via YouTube


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