There is nothing sadder than seeing senior pets alone in the shelter for years. This is precisely what Truffles, an American pit bull terrier mix, experiences now.

The pup was a mere four-year-old when she first came into the possession of the Brookhaven Animal Shelter and Adoption Center based in New York City. Valerie Sanks was one of the shelter volunteers who took care of Truffles during her stay in the shelter.

Spending three years together, Valerie found out that Truffles was a pure angel. Everybody can easily fall in love with her black and white furry coat and natural sweetness. So after three years of looking for her perfect family, she was finally brought home in 2017.

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Truffles was pretty good with children and had a good life in her home. However, two years after the adoption, her owners seemed to have changed their minds and returned the pooch to the shelter. When she came back to the kennels, Valerie was there to greet her. And she showered her with plenty of kisses.

Although seeing the pup again made Valerie happy, she knew that senior dogs are the least likely to get adopted in shelters. So when her 10th birthday came up, she devised a plan to get the pooch some spotlight.

Valerie booked a comfy hotel suite for Truffles’ sleepover birthday party. She dressed the pup in a fitting princess costume and asked Sophie Gamand, a famous dog photographer, for a photoshoot with the birthday girl.

Gamand readily agreed and even shared the pic on social media, asking for birthday cards as presents since Truffles isn’t a fan of toys and is on a special diet. Almost instantly, the photo went viral, and over 500 cards were sent to the shelter, all wishing Truffles would find her home soon. The cards were so plenty that Valerie had to recruit “volunteer card readers” to read the cards to Truffles as a bedtime story.

We’re hoping all the best for you, Truffles! Just look at that adorable smile!

Birthday cards are starting to come in !! I went to the shelter today to tell truffles and she was smiling!! She can’t believe so many people near and far care !!

Posted by Blankets for Buster and his Friends on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Courtesy of Blankets for Buster and his Friends


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