Emily Weedman thought her day would go as it always did when she came to work. But when a colleague approached Emily to tell her about a puppy who just came in for medical care, little did she know that she would soon have a new addition to her family.

The woman had been looking for a new dog after her beloved pet Maki passed away, but she was unable to find a match in the shelters she visited. So Emily decided to check out the new pup, who turned out to be a pit bull named Freya.

Freya was rescued after she was found stuffed in a duffel bag and left in the woods. Both of her front paws were missing, and one of the pup’s hind legs was fractured. The Arrow Fund, a volunteer-based organization in Kentucky, took in Freya to help her recover from her injuries.

Image credit: mcnubadub on Instagram

When Emily saw the tiny pit bull puppy, doubt filled her head. Was her family ready to open their home to a dog with special needs?

But then her coworker asked her to hold Freya for a bit. When Emily took the puppy in her arms, Freya stopped crying and let out a contented sigh. And that was it — Emily knew right then that she had found the right dog.

The Weedmans fostered Freya and helped the pup recuperate from her two surgeries. Because she had nubs in place of front paws, Emily made sure she was comfortable by placing mattresses, towels, and carpet runners around the house.

If there’s anyone the pit bull developed a close bond with, it’s Emily’s two boys. From the get-go, Freya loved running around and playing with them. She’d also snuggle with them often, simply chilling or taking a break from burning off their energy.

After several months of fostering Freya, Emily realized that she was a foster fail, and the Weedmans officially adopted the adorable canine. The once-abandoned dog finally has a place to call her own, and she would no longer have to be apart from her two favorite boys!

Watch Freya living her best life with the Weedmans in the video below:

Source: The Dodo on YouTube


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