Having babies often means a significant change in lifestyle and perspective. Couples are thrust into the beautiful world of diapers and sleepless nights while trying to keep a sense of normalcy in their usual daily routine. Typically, family and friends help out as they get used to the baby’s presence, but sometimes help may also come from an unexpected member of the household – the family pet.

For first-time parents Zach and Sara, they found one eager helper in the form of their beloved dog, Prince. The pooch was excited to meet his baby sister and instinctively knew this was someone he had to protect at all costs. That’s what big brothers do, after all.

The first meeting is crucial, that first sniff will set the tone of a dog-baby relationship. With a single whiff, Prince instantly fell for Baby Halle’s charm. He kept close watch over his new charge, rarely leaving the baby’s side.

The more time Prince and Halle spent together, the deeper their connection became. They were always together, laughing and playing all day. No matter how much fun he and Halle had, Prince never forgot his role as protector and nanny dog to his baby sister.

As a toddler, Halle is still getting used to sleeping in her room. Adjusting to being on her own, she would constantly call out and ask for comfort from her parents the moment she woke up. Prince seemed to sense whenever Halle was in distress, as he would quickly make his way towards her bed.

One time, the couple left Halle’s door ajar all night on purpose. The moment Halle wakes up in the middle of the night, Prince was right there to calm her. He would roll over and lay down, trying to mimic the act of sleeping.

Incredibly, Halle felt comforted by her nanny dog’s presence that she fell right back to sleep. Zach and Sara sincerely appreciated the dog’s role in helping Halle. Now, they can afford to relax and know their little girl is in good hands, er, paws.

Photos courtesy of Zachary Lebwohl via Instagram and YouTube


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