Most of us have our favorite dog breeds. Whether we admit it or not, we all have a special affinity towards a specific breed whose look and demeanor is just so appealing to each and every one of us. For Mario Rodriguez, it was pit bulls. He had loved pit bulls all of his life, and every dog he’s ever had is a pittie.

This is why when his wife told him about a pit bull who was on the kill list of a shelter in New York, he checked him out. He fell in love with Hickory when he saw his picture and made it his mission to save this pup’s life. However, there was a big problem. At that moment, he was in California, and the pittie is being kept at the Animal Care Centers of NYC.

He was 2,800 miles away from New York as he was on duty as a truck driver. But he did not give up; he called his employers to change his route. He asked for a delivery that will bring him to New York or at least somewhere close. His employers understood his passion for pit bulls, and they agreed to help him out.

He was sent to the Big Apple, and before heading out, Mario called the shelter to let them know he was coming to adopt Hickory. In fact, he called the shelter every day to make sure that the pup is still there. He called them relentlessly, to the point that the shelter’s staff already memorized Mario’s cellphone number.

When Mario got there, Hickory jumped into his arms as if they have known each other their whole lives. This only meant that they really belong together, as the connection was made right away. After all the necessary paperwork, Hickory was officially his dog, and they drove down to Georgia.

When they got home, Hickory met his pittie siblings Cooper and Angel. It took some time to adjust, but soon enough, the three pups have bonded, and Hickory had been accepted into their pack. From time to time, Mario would take Hickory on his routes, and having the pup made his long drives a lot less lonely.

Credits: Let Me Know


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