When a dog gets stolen or goes missing, it is a miracle when they are returned to their owners. Michelle and Meagan lost Bella when she was only eight-month-old. She was alone in their yard when she was lost.

They knew that it was impossible for her to have escaped. The more likely reason was, Bella was kidnapped. She has always been a friendly dog and would hardly bark at anyone.

That might have been how someone quickly got her. That was four years ago. The family had no idea that she would ever be returned. Four years is a long time for someone to go missing and having them returned is next to impossible.

Michelle was called by the government informing her that they found Bella so Michelle and Meagan immediately went to the rescue to meet Bella. Bella was found miles away from where she went missing which supported their kidnapping theory more.

The mother and daughter are a little skeptical that Bella will recognize them, but they are still very excited that she’s back. It was finally time to see the dog that they have lost all these years. Michelle and Meagan immediately ran towards Bella and petted her.

Bella also started wagging her tail. One may never know if she recognized them or not, but one thing is for sure, she’s home. She was only a puppy then, and she has grown and changed so much.

Michelle is happy to observe that after all these years, Bella is still not taller than her knees. This has been an unexpected but much-appreciated reunion.

Whatever Bella has been through, her family will heal her with love, care and lots of cuddles. This pitbull mix is finally home where she belongs.

Source High Desert Peeps via YouTube


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