If you see a stray, sick puppy, what will you do? While the question might seem quite simple, a lot of people still don’t know how to handle this case properly. But not this little boy from eastern Romania named Alex.

Alex was playing near his school together with his friend. Suddenly, they spotted a stray, tiny puppy. It was obviously sick and was needing help. Fortunately, the quick thinking Alex knew exactly what to do.

This puppy was brought to us by a boy in the village. The boy found him like this. He's now in Aura's flat with the heating on. The children are starting to hear our message ❤️

Posted by Barking Mad Dog Rescue on Monday, February 25, 2019


Alex lives in the neighborhood near a shelter named Barking Mad Dog Rescue. So, he brought the sick pup to them, said the shelter’s co-founder, Hilary Anderson. This thrilled the shelter’s staff members. Realizing that people, even little kids, are starting to have more awareness of their cause is such excellent news.

They named the puppy Felix. Upon Felix’s arrival, he was given special baths for his skin problems. He was skinny. He was suffering from mange and had fleas all over his body. He lost lots of furs too.

Prior to this, there were also two hairless and undernourished puppies that the shelter took in. They were left in a bag outside the shelter. Soon, the staff members realized that these two are Felix’s brothers. Somehow, Felix got separated from them.

The boy found by the little boy in Nisipari has a name now: Felix! And it seems that he already likes it because he…

Posted by Barking Mad Dog Rescue on Friday, March 1, 2019


Now, Felix and his brothers are getting better. They’ve transformed into bubbly little pups. The shelter’s staff members know that he will be a great addition to any home. In just a month or so, Felix will be up for adoption. Hopefully, he’ll find his forever family that will love and care for him soon.

Thanks to Alex, Felix now has a second chance at life. This little boy came in right on time and saved the puppy’s life. He is Felix’s hero. If not for him, who knows what could have happened to little Felix?

Credit: Barking Mad Dog Rescue


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