Last spring, a man went to several different pet shops in NYC. He particularly visited those that were selling mostly puppies, kittens, and other domesticated young animals. In every store, he asked basic questions about where the pets came from.

The man asked how frequently the mother animals were bred. Was it every heat or do breeders skip? He also inquired about the animals’ surroundings as they grew up. Were they raised confined in cages or were they allowed to run free on yards at least?

While most pet shops say that information on the source of their dogs and cats as well as their veterinary records are available when requested, the answer the man was given were all uninformed. There were instances employees claimed the animals were from small-scale hobby breeders. And the worst claims said that no puppy mills exist any longer.

While it may sound music to animal lovers’ ears, it’s extremely and completely far from what’s true. Puppy mills did not just go into extinction. And yes, they do exist.

This man did not question the veracity of the pet shops’ answers because he’s an undercover agent and investigator of CAPS (Companion Animal Protection Society) and he knew what the truth is. He has been to almost every breeding facility that commercially produces puppies to stores across New York. And he has his visits filmed.

These massive breeding facilities supply the living merchandise to more than a dozen of pet stores in the state. They are also responsible for keeping numbers for any transaction to be made online. And sometimes, they provide to neighboring areas as well.

“Common misrepresentations from owners and employees include different things. They say that breeding dogs that produce puppies are allowed to run free on open yards. That they were raised and kept as pets inside houses. That they retire after a couple of years; and that female dogs skip breeding cycles to help them recover being bred again,” wrote the investigator on his report.

Credits to CAPS


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