Nowadays, people will prefer natural and organic treatment over the typical medication, same goes with their pets.  Taking care of their pet as a whole is really important for them.The good thing is more people in the veterinary industry are offering herbal and natural remedies in treating our pets.

Dictionary defines holistic as: characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. People would always want to be holistically healthy though we have been accustomed to the usual medications or treatment. As time goes by, people realized that all these chemicals have side effects.

That’s why holistic quick fix is in demand when it comes to pet care. There were studies conducted that organic substances can provide essential vitamins for the immune system, since it’s effective for humans, surely, same goes with pets. Natural and Organic chemicals are into the whole wellbeing.

Herbal plants like ginger, fennel, peppermint, elm and catnips are great remedies for nausea, vomiting and other stomach issues. Saw palmetto is effective for prostate illnesses, cranberries for urinary tract issues and infections, honey as an anti-bacterial solution and is has great effects against infections.

As for food supplements, Glucosamine isn’t FDA approved. They would always state that they don’t have approved therapeutic claims. So it isn’t a medicine for certain ailments, though when you take it slowly or in moderation, it was said that it can ease muscle and joint pains. If your dog is experiencing arthritis due to aging, gradually giving them glucosamine can help.

When we allow our pets to have aromatherapy, they will surely enjoy it since dogs have great sense of smell, so they will surely react to different scents coming from the oils.  We have to remember that they have heightened sense of smell compared with humans so we have to mindful of doses that we give them.

Therapeutic massage could bring many benefits to our canine companions, rubbing muscles can relieve pain, kneading can promote circulation and comfort. It could also help with the tension and stress so they will feel relaxed and calm afterwards.

Acupuncture  has been around for centuries although some people are doubtful if it really works. In general, people are scared of needles, and of course same goes with our pets. But with skillfully equipped veterinary acupuncturist, pets can have all its advantages.

Diet and exercise are the most commonplace of all the holistic solutions. Avoiding dog food with too much preservatives, feeding them with fresh and newly cooked food can improve their nourishment.  And exercise is also a great way for them to have a long, healthy life since it is beneficial for their heart, lungs and brain.

The good results have been concluded but always remember that it is more important to visit your pet’s veterinarian’s for proper treatment, accurate diagnosis will always help you provide proper care for your pets.


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