Dog rescues can be nerve-racking. Especially if they take place in dangerous areas, and a spooked dog’s unpredictable reaction may endanger themselves or even their rescuers. Last year, in Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, one of the most daring dog rescues ever took place.

Luckily for this pup, the brave men and women of Paterson Fire Department were ready to risk their safety in order to save him. It all started with a couple, hiking around the trail. They spotted a dog that seemed to be trapped on a rocky ledge, and the pooch was visibly distraught.

The couple called 911, and the Paterson Fire Department was called into action. Captain Scott Parkin volunteered to conduct the rescue. His father had been conducting animal rescues around the park, and he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. He brought his team along with him.

When they got there, the situation was a bit complicated. Recent heavy rainfall made it impossible for them to use boats to approach the pup. Their only option was to rappel down to the ledge from a bridge, 70 feet above their target. Captain Parkin will be the one to retrieve the dog.

When he got there, the pup was not responding to him at first. He understood that the situation got the dog very spooked, and he knew that he had to calm the dog first, in order to gain his trust. After a couple of minutes, the dog was already responding positively to Captain Parkin. This was his cue to put ensnare the pup.

The mission was a success! The dog, whom they later named, Paterson, was brought to Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge. The staff there shared that Paterson is a very friendly and energetic pup who will make a great pet someday. When that day comes, Captain Parkin will certainly be a much happier man.

Credits: CBS New York


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