Stray dogs look for any place they could take refuge in. For some, it’s under a car or inside a cardboard. For others, it’s the sidewalk or someone’s backyard. For the dog in our story, it’s a grocery cart tucked outside an apartment building.

Residents in the neighborhood found the dog, named Bailey, living under the grocery cart and called animal rescuers to save her. They gave her food and water while they waited for the rescuers to arrive.

When workers from Rescue from the Hart came, the people who saw Bailey warned them the dog growled whenever people approached her. Upon closer look at Bailey, the rescuers noticed she was pregnant.

Knowing pregnant dogs tend to be overprotective, the rescuers made sure they earned Bailey’s trust first. They took their time. They gave her treats so she would get out from under the cart.

She did get out, but she always went back in. After some time, she went out long enough to allow a rescuer to pet her. Bailey seemed to enjoy the strokes on her fur, and she became less cautious.

They continued to feed her and pet her. Eventually, they were able to put a leash around her. Surprisingly, Bailey didn’t try to break free when they did. They picked her up and brought her to the rescue center.

Just a few weeks after they took her in, Bailey gave birth to four female puppies and one male puppy. The rescuers fondly called them the Bailey Bunch.

Under the care of the rescuers, the puppies grew up to be healthy. Bailey herself was well taken care of, and she enjoyed every minute she spent with her babies.

When they were ready, the puppies and their mom Bailey were all put up for adoption. Each of them found forever homes and are now happy with their human families.

The rescuers came for only one homeless dog, but they ended up saving five more. Watch the amazing video of the Bailey Bunch below.

Source: Rescue from the Hart via YouTube


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