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If a man seeks refuge and companionship with a dog and calls the pooch his best friend, who could be the dog’s constant companion in this world if ever the man leaves and dumps him for no reason? This pooch might just give us the answer.

A Blue Lacy dog later identified as Ellie, the one-year-old pooch sought refuge with one of her constant friend, who never left her behind, despite her getting dumped and neglected by her former owner. It is a big brown bear the dog refused to let go by cuddling the teddy bear to perhaps ease her anxiety.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, it remains a mystery for Ellie why her previous owner let him go. The dog, according to several people from the shelter home, is very traumatized because of the incident.

This left her to cling on and find solace on her best friend, the giant teddy bear. According to several people from the shelter home, the pooch refused to leave her teddy bear behind because that is the only thing left with her.

But little did Ellie know that her ordeal will be to her advantage in the long run. One of the shelter home’s volunteers, Jennifer Jessup, found an adopter for the pooch. It is no less than Jennifer’s brother, who now lives in Florida.

The special request of her brother is to have a blue lacy dog, and Ellie perfectly fits that description, thereby making it a win-win situation for the pooch. Jennifer’s brother then prepared the needed documents for the adoption.

Once all of the documentation materials were processed, the custody of Ellie was now given to Jennifer’s brother. Not only did Ellie found a forever home, but the dog is also assured that she will have a good future in the hands of her new owner. Of course, with her big teddy bear.

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