When people come together to help a soul in need, it becomes one of the most touching moments. A cute little pitbull names Tater Tot did not live a good life. He grew up in a terrible environment and was taken for granted.

Tater Tot was found tied in a pole where he had injuries on the outside and as well as the inside. His rescuers wanted to make his life better so they made sure that he gets the best care possible. He was brought to the vet where he was properly checked and treated.

He was provided the necessary medical treatment and as well as much-needed love and care. The people from the vet’s clinic loves Tater Tot! They just fell in love with his sweetness and charm.

They even call him their funny little gray potato which is just the sweetest of endearment. Yet, this little guy keeps getting sicker and sicker. They have asked people through social media for donations so they can continue giving him the best care possible and the response was incredible.

People from all over the world have donated to help Tater Tot get better. He was in and out of the hospital and he needed to be taken care of round the clock. He is currently in a foster care program and his foster mom makes sure that he gets what he needs.

His foster mom makes sure that he is taken care of the best way that he possibly can. This sweet little guy still has a few battles to face, but with people around that loves him and wants the best for Tater Tot he can win each battle.

His rescuers and people that want to see him thrive are praying for his recovery and praying for his health.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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