Melissa Lambert has always wanted to get a pet dog. Her husband Thom, however, thought it was impractical since they already have three young kids, and getting a dog is an additional responsibility.

However, things changed when the family met a four-year-old Coonhound named Edgar. Melissa and her kids instantly fell in love with the pup and adopted him from their local shelter in West Virginia.

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The pup returned the favor by being protective of Melissa’s kids. Last April 28, he scared off a man who broke into their house while everyone was asleep.

That day, the whole family attended an out of town event and went home at around 1:20 am. “We were all tired. After my husband tucked the girls into their beds, we immediately fell asleep,” Melissa recalled.

Two hours later, Thom was awoken by Edgar’s non-stop barking and growling. He went to the girls’ room where the dog was staying and asked him to be quiet.

“Edgar is a pretty laid back dog, so it was weird to hear him growl that loud,” Thom mentioned. “He sounded very, very angry,” the man added.

After a few minutes, Thom heard footsteps downstairs. He went down and saw a window and their kitchen door opened. The man knew something was wrong since they made sure to lock everything before they went upstairs.

“Just a few weeks ago, a young girl got abducted in our area. That’s when it hit me — it must be the kidnapper lurking around our house,” the man recalled.

The couple called the police, who immediately searched their house. Thom told the officials that Edgar was the one who alerted him that something weird was going on. However, the cops were somehow not convinced.

“When the police came, they saw Edgar chilling on the floor, and he couldn’t be bothered. They didn’t believe me at first when I told them that the dog barked like crazy,” Thom said.

The cops later arrested the man and identified him to be the notorious kidnapper in their area. When the suspect was interviewed, he admitted going inside the house but ran off as soon as he heard the anger in Edgar’s barking.

The family couldn’t be more thankful for their loyal companion. Check out the video below featuring another dog who did the same thing for a little girl!

Video credit: Youtube Missing Kids Rescued Kids 2


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