Charlie is a senior 11-year-old dog who lost both of his eyes a few years ago. He suffered from glaucoma, so both his eyes needed to be removed. While he has coped with his situation, his owners noticed that Charlie has slowed down and became less cheerful.

So, Chelsea Stipe and her spouse, Charlie’s owners, decided to get him a doggy companion. They’re hoping that having someone to keep him company will benefit Charlie, especially during his twilight years. Just as they wished, Charlie’s spirit blossomed.

Posted by We Rate Dogs on Monday, March 18, 2019


When Charlie met his new puppy friend, Maverick, his mood began to change. In an instant, the two of them became best of friends. Charlie and Maverick have since been inseparable.

Maverick has such an infectiously affectionate energy. He inspired Charlie to be more playful and live like a young pup again. Stipe said that the best pals are always together, happily playing with each other.

Despite just being a few months old, Maverick seems to understand Charlie’s situation already. He’s doing his best to help Charlie in his limitations. Stipe said that Maverick would put toys in front of Charlie and would always be on the lookout for his friend. He also keeps Charlie in line when they’re walking.

Posted by We Rate Dogs on Monday, March 18, 2019


Often, Maverick would cuddle next to Charlie like he’s reassuring him that he’s always there for him. He’s shown Charlie that, even if he’s blind and old, there’s still so much life ahead. Now, Charlie seems to have found a new purpose at life.

Charlie and Maverick may have many differences, but the two of them have formed such a strong, unbreakable bond. They do everything together and make each other happy just by hanging around. Thankfully, the couple found the perfect companion for Charlie. The two of them have become an excellent combo.

Credit: We Rate Dogs


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